California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Diversion Study Guide

Determine if a New Base Year is Needed

In 1996, the CalRecycle convened a Measurement Accuracy Issues Working Group (working group). The working group addressed inaccuracies in solid waste measurements of the jurisdictions in relation to AB 939 goal achievement requirements. As part of this working group, many jurisdictions identified flaws in their base-year generation tonnage as a major factor in the jurisdiction’s ability to achieve the mandated diversion goals. Some of these flaws were in quantifying the amount of solid waste disposed; others were in identifying diversion activities from the non-residential sector and quantifying the amount of material diverted.

How does a jurisdiction determine whether the existing diversion data might be flawed or unacceptable for current needs? Some of the indications include:

  • Waste stream has significantly changed, creating a need to identify programs to implement/expand to address these changes.
  • Existing programs are not effectively impacting the waste stream.
  • CalRecycle requires a new base-year study as part of a compliance order.
  • Diversion rate does not reflect program implementation efforts.

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