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Model Procurement Policies

A first step in establishing an environmentally preferable purchasing program is to adopt a purchasing policy. The Responsible Purchasing Network maintains a list of exemplary green purchasing policies to assist other public entities.

Additionally, the jurisdictions below have prepared procurement polices that may be used by other cities, counties and regional agencies in California, as well as by other states, provinces, or countries. The policies examine the innovative solutions used by local jurisdictions to achieve California's 50 percent waste diversion goals.

City of Vacaville--Source Reduction and Recycled Content Purchasing Policy

Vacaville's recycled content purchasing policy seeks to strengthen markets for materials collected in local recycling collection systems while ensuring that every department purchases environmentally-preferred products and services without compromising overall budgetary or performance requirements.

City of Pittsburg--Recycled Products Procurement Policy

Pittsburg established ordinances and programs for residents and local businesses to reduce, reuse and recycle. The city has also created some internal programs incorporating recycling.

City of Exeter--Recycled Products Procurement Policy

Exeter's procurement policy declares that all departments shall, whenever possible, use recycled products and recycled materials to meet their needs. This policy is enacted to demonstrate compliance with the Waste Management Reduction Act and foster market development for recycled products.

City of Morro Bay--Recycled Product Purchasing Policy Resolution

Morro Bay established a city wide waste diversion and reduction function through its procurement policy. It mandated each department to appoint a departmental waste diversion coordinator to assure maximum participation in the city’s waste reduction strategies. Also, it created a waste reduction task force to encourage cost-effective waste diversion and recycling.

County of Santa Clara--Policy Relating to the Purchase of Recycled Paper and Recycled Paper Products

Santa Clara County's purchasing policy targets waste paper.  It makes the purchasing agent responsible for establishing and maintaining procedures to purchase recycled products where reasonable and feasible.

Last updated: April 1, 2008
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