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City of Exeter

Recycled Products Procurement Policy

The City of Exeter Procurement Policy provides that all departments shall, whenever possible, use recycled products and recycled materials to meet their needs. This policy is enacted to demonstrate compliance with the Waste Management Reduction Act and foster market development for recycled products.


Recycled material: Waste material and by-products that have been recovered or diverted from the solid waste stream and that can be utilized in place of raw or virgin material in the of a product. Recycled materials may consist of material derived from post consumer waste, manufacturing waste, industrial scrap, agricultural waste and other items, all of which can be used in the manufacture of new products.

Post consumer recycled materials: A finished material or product that has served its intended use and would normally be disposed of as solid waste. Examples of post consumer recovered materials include, but are not limited to: old newspaper, office paper, yard waste, steel, glass, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, oil, asphalt, concrete and tires.

Practicable: Sufficient in performance and available at a reasonable price within a reasonable time period.

Pre-Consumer: Materials or by products generated after manufacturing of a product is completed, but before the product reaches the end use consumer. Examples of pre-consumer recovered materials include, but are not limited to; obsolete inventories of finished goods, -rejected unused stock and paper wastes generated during printing, cutting and other converting operations.

General Policies

A. All City departments shall use recycled products whenever practicable. Special emphasis shall be placed on the purchase of products manufactured with post consumer recycled materials.

B. All departments may, at their option and with purchasing concurrence, require procurement of designated recycled products or recycled products above the levels required by this policy.

C. The City shall require its contractors and consultants to use and specify recycled products and recycled products in fulfilling contractual obligations whenever practicable.

D. The City shall promote the use of recycled products and recycled products by publicizing its procurement policy whenever practicable.

Responsibilities of Public Works Director

The Public Works Director shall coordinate the implementation of this policy. He/She will establish a list of recycled products that shall be purchased by all City departments whenever practicable and will develop the mechanism for maintenance, additions and deletions to the list of recycled products available for procurement. Maintenance of the list will include addition of new products containing recycled material as they become available and make available to departments specifications on the new product along with a list of suggested uses.

The Public Works Director will also work with all departments to establish minimum recycled content standards for designated recycled products to maximize recycled product availability, recycled content and competition. To the extent such information is known, City staff shall identify to the Public Works Director products available with recycled content and vendors from whom such products are available. The Public Works Director will also be responsible for information and dissemination of that information to all departments and for all annual review.

Responsibilities of All Other City Departments

A. Each department shall purchase recycled products and recycled products whenever practicable.

B. Evaluate recycled products on the established list.

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Last updated: April 24, 2001
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