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City of Morro Bay Recycled Products Purchasing Policy

Pursuant to Morro Bay Municipal Code Section 3.08.100E(1), it is the policy of the City of Morro Bay to purchase products which are recyclable or reusable or contain recycled materials if the quality and fitness of such products are equal to unrecycled products, including a price preference not to exceed ten percent over the lowest price for quoted by suppliers of comparable unrecycled products. To continue its leadership role in diverting and reducing waste, as well as closing the recycling loop by purchasing recycled products whenever technically and economically feasible, the City Council hereby establishes a new policy to provide additional guidance to City departments with regard to implementation of existing policy.

  1. Each Department shall make every reasonable effort to purchase and use recycled products or those with recycled content whenever feasible to the extent such use does not adversely effect health, safety, or operational efficiency and effectiveness as determined by each department, including but not limited to the items indicated on Attachment 1, attached hereto and incorporated by reference. The term "recycled products" shall be construed to mean products which contain recycled materials or are reusable or recyclable, provided however, that recycled paper products must contain recycled materials.
  2. Each department shall review purchasing specifications and contract requirements and--where feasible--revise such specifications and contact requirements to encourage the use of recycled products. Each department shall consider--where feasible--the ability of products and\or their packaging to be reused, reconditioned, or recycled. Each department shall purchase--where feasible--products which minimize waste and toxic by-products in their manufacture, use, recycling, and disposal. Each department shall also purchase/lease--where feasible--capital equipment which is compatible with the use of products containing recycled materials.
  3. The ten percent price preference allowed pursuant to existing policy may be granted only if the fitness and quality of recycled products are at least equal to unrecycled products as determined solely by the buying department. Product price comparison shall include life cycle cost considerations, when applicable.
  4. When recycled products are used, vendors shall make reasonable efforts to label such products to indicate they contain recycled materials. All departments shall use for their masthead stationery, envelopes, and business cards, recycled paper that includes post-consumer recycled content and some indication they contain recycled material. Other recycled products used by the City shall also indicate they contain recycled material.
  5. The City will cooperate to the greatest extent practicable with other local governments in an effort to develop a comprehensive, consistent and effective procurement effort intended to stimulate the market for recycled products, including cooperation with the proposed Regional Integrated Waste Management Authority when it is formed.
  6. When the City acquires appropriate computer equipment and software, the Finance Department shall prepare and submit to the City Council an annual report summarizing the results of implementing this policy. This annual report shall include but not be limited to the City purchase by type during the preceding fiscal year, the quantity and cost of products, and recommendations for the exclusion or addition of specific products pursuant to this policy.
  7. All departments shall work cooperatively to further the purpose of this policy. The City’s economic development activities shall strive to promote the markets for recycled material whenever feasible.

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Last updated: April 24, 2001
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