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  1. Amazing Recycled Products Catalogue. Contains promotional products made from recycled materials.
  2. Sustainable Building Conference 1994 Proceedings Binder. Misc. information on green building products.
  3. State Office Building Recycling Space and Needs Assessment (5/95). Elihu Harris Office Building, Oakland, CA
  4. Earth Day Materials. Governor's Proclamation Dedicating Recycle Week April 16-22. America Recycles Day Resolutions and Proclamations
  5. Economic Development Recycling.
  6. Florescent Bulb Recycling - DTSC Information Sheet on Toxic Substance Control and Recycling.
  7. Glass
    a. Glass Recycling Inc.: Videos, case studies, and uses for glass gone through on-site glass disintegration processor. Processed glass can be used for sandblasting, filtration, landscaping, sand traps, and glassphalt.
    b. California Glass Recycling Corp.: Informational Pamphlets.
    c. Maximize Your Market: Glass Recycling Information.
  8. Marketing Your Materials.
  9. Material Exchanges.
    a. SWAP: Solid Waste Assistance Program: a joint project of the US EPA and the Office of Solid Waste Management.
    b. National Materials Exchange Network (6/93). List of Participants.
  10. Full Cost Accounting for Municipal Solid Waste Management: A Handbook. Published by the US EPA
  11. Memo to Al Lipson from John Nuffer. Listing Facilities Proposed in NDFEs.
  12. Organizations
  13. Plastics
    a. Promoting Plastics Recycling Do-It-Yourself Kit by the Council for Solid Waste Solutions.
    b. California Directory of Plastic Recyclers and Brokers.
    c. Recycled Plastic Products Source Book.
    d. How to collect Plastics
  14. Polystyrene Collection Information.
  15. Procurement Information. Examples of ordinances and buy recycled information.
    Counties Included: Santa Clara, Humboldt.
    Cities Included: Carlsbad, San Jose.
  16. Rice Straw: Alternatives to the Disposal of Rice Straw.
  17. A letter to Mr. Wesley Chesbro of the CalRecycle, from the Rice Industry Association outlining alternatives uses for rice straw.

  18. Anti-Scavenging Legal Options and Strategies Workshop Handout (2/96)
  19. Illegal Dump
    a. Citizens Against Illegal Dumping of Paradisa, CA-Flier for a Video Presentation (5/96).
    b. Getting the Public Involved. Article about public outreach programs that focus on recycling in Northern Virginia.
    c. Butte County-Citizens Against Illegal Dumping (CAID). Info on nonprofit organization, including meeting agendas, minutes, video. (4/96)
  20. Steel Recycling Institute.
  21.  "Tire Recycling is Fun" Order Form. Author: Paul Farber.
  22. Waste Management Inc.  Information Packet on Altamont Landfill and Resource Recovery Facility.
  23. Sonoma County Engineering Library Index.
  24. Yolo County Household Hazardous Waste Release and Indemnity Agreement.
  25. Information on Yolo County Accelerated Anaerobic Composting Project and Waste Tire Market Development in Landfill Gas Collection System Project (11/95).

To obtain a copy of any of the above materials, please contact your local assistance representative at (916) 341-6199. If you would like to submit your local documents to the library or if you have any suggestions on how to improve the library, please contact Leticia Gallegos.

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