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  1. White House Executive Order (10/93). President Signs Executive Order for the Implementation of Recycling Programs.
  2. State of California Executive Order (4/91). Gov. Pete Wilson Signs an Executive Order for the Collection and Use of Recyclable Products.
  3. CalRecycle Model Ordinance on Recycling Space Allocation - AB 1327.
    a. AB 1327 - On October 11, 1991, Assembly Bill No. 1327, Farr, (Statutes of 1991, Chapter 842) was signed into law. This bill added Chapter 18 (commencing with Section 42900) to Part 3 of Division 30 of the Public Resources Code. Chapter 18 is known as the California Solid Waste Reuse and Recycling Access Act of 1991 (Act).

Chapter 18 required the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) to develop by March 1, 1993, a model ordinance for adoption of recyclable materials in development projects. Local agencies were then required to adopt the model, or an ordinance of their own, governing adequate areas for collection and loading of recyclable materials in development projects by September 1, 1993. If, by that date, a local agency had not adopted its own ordinance, the model ordinance adopted by the CalRecycle took effect and shall be enforced by the local agency.

b. Recycling Space Allocation Guide (3/93, CalRecycle Pub. #310-00-012) is a model ordinance designed to meet the requirements of AB 1327.

c.  Sample ordinances, regulations, or a resolution regarding Recycling Space Allocation are available for the following cities and county:


  1. Butte County Draft Solid Waste Collection, Management, and Recycling Ordinance (12/94) (PDF, 13.10 MB).
  2. Calaveras County Resolution No. 93-73 banning green waste at landfill (3/99) (PDF, 366 KB).
  3. Contra Costa County Ordinance on materials diversion (11/92) (PDF, 200 KB).
  4. Humboldt County Ordinance No. 2063.on the regulation of the storage, collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste and source separated materials (2/95) (PDF, 1.90 MB).
  5. Sacramento County Sanitation Regulations, Article 2 addresses illegal dumping and enforcement (6/91) (PDF, 1.70 MB).
  6. Sacramento County-Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority (SWA) Ordinances.
  7. Solano County Ordinance No. 1536 includes the regulation of biosolids disposal (1997) (PDF, 6.90 MB).
  8. Sonoma County Ordinance No. 16 prohibits the disposal of yard debris and wood debris at any disposal area within Sonoma County (7/94) (PDF, 1.20 MB).


  1. City of Arcadia Ordinance No. 2000 (4/94). Provides regulations for a commercial and industrial recycling program.
  2. City of Berkeley Resolution No. 57, 544-N.S. (6/94). Creates refuse districts and establishes rates for collection.
  3. City of Berkeley Ordinances to Reduce Polystyrene Foam Packaging (4/96). Includes non-biodegradable and non-recyclable food packaging and litter reduction.
  4. City of Clovis Solid Waste Enclosure Description (11/93).
  5. City of Garden Grove Ordinance No. 2301 (10/91). Created standards for collection, storage, and loading of recyclable materials in development projects.
  6. City of Manteca Solid Waste Code (3/93). Gives the city the exclusive right to collect garbage.
  7. City of Modesto Ordinance No. 2745. License for Gilton Solid Waste Management Corporation to collect garbage in Modesto.
  8. City of Oxnard Solid Waste and Recycling Ordinance. This ordinance contains a section regarding illegal dumping.
  9. Pasadena Ordinance No. 6510 (11/92). Adding a new chapter 8.61 to the Pasadena Municipal Code establishing a solid waste collection franchise system.
  10. City of Redding Municipal Code Trash Container Enclosures and Container Rates (7/92).
  11. City of Roseville Solid Waste Enclosure Description.
  12. City of San Bernardino Solid Waste Collection Ordinance (10/94). Addresses mandatory separation and illegal dumping components.
  13. City of San Diego Mandatory Recycling Ordinance (7/92). Addresses illegal dumping.
  14. City of Santa Clara Health and Safety Code Pertaining to Mandatory Garbage Collection Service.
  15. City of Walnut Creek Ordinance No. 1807 (10/92). Permitting of commercial recycling transporters to encourage commercial recycling.
  16. City of Yreka Resolution #2060 Requiring Separation of Recyclables by Self-Haulers (2/94).
  17. City of Fowler Sample Proclamation for "America Recycles Day" (2/99)
  18. City of Redlands Waste Enclosure Ordinance (PDF, 43 KB)

See also the construction and demolition sample ordinances page.

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