California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Single-Stream Collection of Recyclables Workshop

Because a large number of jurisdictions are switching from multistream recycling collection to single-stream recycling collection, CalRecycle held a workshop on April 2, 2003, to discuss the designing, implementing, monitoring, and promoting of single-stream recycling collection. The workshop included an eight-member panel discussion, which included staff from the City of Chula Vista, paper brokers, paper manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and facility operators. Topics discussed included:

  • Historical multistream recycling collection information.
  • How to implement a single-stream recycling collection program.
  • Benefits in using new and different technology.
  • How to deal with the higher contamination levels after program implementation.
  • Improved aesthetics, convenience, pounds per setout, and safety.

The following workshop materials are available and can provide insights for those unable to attend the workshop:

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