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California Diversion Rate Ranges

Mountain and North Coast Regions, 1995-2004

  • Statistics based on Board action summaries; see notes below.
  • Information current through June 26, 2007.
Color bar graph showing diversion rate ranges for jurisdictions in the North Coast and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. See the information in a table from the link lower on the page.


Change in jurisdictions: A change in the number of jurisdictions in any region when compared across biennial review periods may result from the formation of a regional agency or the incorporation of a new city.

Regional descriptions: Coastal North, Mountain North, Mountain South

No Rate: Means that the Board cannot determine the jurisdiction's diversion rate. This may be caused by factors such as inaccurate base-year numbers, a base year which comes after several report years, or inaccurate disposal reporting. Jurisdictions under compliance orders are listed as "no rate."

In Progress: Means that the Board has not yet considered the jurisdiction's biennial review for the report year.

Active 1066: Means the Jurisdiction is in the process of implementing a corrective plan pursuant to a Board-approved Time Extension or Alternative Diversion Requirement (ADR). No biennial review is scheduled until the Time Extension or ADR is complete. Since January 2006, all Time Extensions have been completed.

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Last updated: June 27, 2007
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