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Adjustment Factor Trends

Note: This page contains historical data from CalRecycle’s statewide goal measurement prior to 2007 that estimated a diversion percentage. For 2007 and subsequent years, CalRecycle compares reported disposal tons to population to calculate per capita disposal expressed in pounds/person/day. This new goal measurement system is described in CalRecycle’s Goal Measurement: 2007 and Later web page.

This graph shows statewide percent change since 1990 in three major drivers or causes of waste generation: population, employment, inflation-adjusted taxable sales, and waste disposal for California.

The information shown in this graph is available in table format at Population, Economic and Disposal Changes.

A color line graph showing the percent change in adjustment facors from 1990 to 2006. The adjustment factors are employment, population and inflation-adjusted taxable sales.

More information is available at:

Population: California Department of Finance | Employment: California Employment Development Department | Taxable Sales: California State Board of Equalization | CPI: California Department of Industrial Relations | TSDI: California State Board of Equalization and California Integrated Waste Management Board.

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Last updated: January 27, 2012
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