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  • Select jurisdiction name and report year.
  • Enter your Disposal Reduction Credits in the spaces provided, then select ‘Save’.
  • Both your population-based and industry employment-based annual per capita disposal rates will automatically be calculated and displayed in the results section at the bottom of the sheet, along with your 50% equivalent per capita disposal target for population and industry employment. Your population-based rate will be highlighted below to improve readability. If you have any questions about your population-based and/or industry employment-based targets, please contact your LAMD representative.
  • For a more thorough explanation of the new measurement system, go to Goal Measurement: 2007 and Later.

Please note:

  • Changes to any reporting-year amounts must correspond to the same reporting-year used in this disposal rate calculation.
  • Any changes to the default numbers are in italic with yellow background.
  • Your calculation data will be lost if there is no activity for 20 minutes or you close your browser window.
Jurisdiction Name: Report Year:
Reporting-Year Disposal Amount (tons) correct for misallocation/miscalculation here, see EAR Users Guide
Disposal Reduction Credits (Reported):
  Disaster Waste (tons):
  Medical Waste (tons):  
  Regional Diversion Facility Residual Waste (tons):  
  C&D Waste (tons):  
  Class II Waste (tons):  
  Out-of-State Export (Diverted) (tons):  
  Other Disposal Amount (tons):  
Total Disposal Reduction Credit Amount (tons):
Total Adjusted Reporting-Year Disposal Amount (tons):
Reporting-Year Transformation Waste (tons):
Reporting-Year Population:
Reporting-Year Employment:
Reporting-Year Calculation Results (Per Capita)
  Population   Employment
  Target Annual Target Annual
Disposal Rate without Transformation(pounds/person/day):      
Transformation Rate (pounds/person/day):  
The Calculated Disposal Rate (pounds/person/day):  
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