California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Diversion Program System (DPS)

California Diversion Programs

Below please find links to Diversion Program reports. Definitions of Diversion Programs terms and codes aid understanding of the reports.

Individual Jurisdiction Reports

  • Jurisdiction Diversion Program List: (Annual Report Diversion Program Information) A detailed program listing for a jurisdiction. Includes program status and implementation dates covering the years 1995-2006.
  • Jurisdiction Diversion Program Summary: An easy-to-view summary of each jurisdiction's waste diversion programs for a specific year, categorized by program component (such as: source reduction, recycling, composting, special waste, and education).

Reports based on program type

  • Program Counts by Status, Year, and Jurisdiction: Displays the total count of programs for a jurisdiction for a selected year. The report data can be expanded to show the list of programs by year for each implementation status. The report can be filtered by county, jurisdiction, component, program, report year and implementation status.
  • Diversion Program Detail Summary: Displays a summary of the diversion program details a jurisdiction has selected for a year broken down by program and specific category. The report can be filtered by jurisdiction, program and report year.
  • Diversion Program Detail Counts By Year: The report displays the number of jurisdictions implementing a specific diversion program detail for a program for a report year. The program detail counts are categorized by the diversion program, diversion program detail category and the program detail. The list of jurisdictions operating a specific diversion program detail can also be displayed by selecting the count of jurisdictions implementing a program detail.

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