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Until August 20, 2009, WasteLine was the Board's (now CalRecycle's) information clearinghouse for statewide and local government waste disposal and goal measurement data questions. Since the inception of WasteLine, CalRecycle has enhanced and expanded its website, and thus few inquiries are being submitted directly to WasteLine. As a result, WasteLine is no longer staffed. A wide range of alternative self-help tools and resources are now available, such as:

Self-Help Tools and Resources

CalRecycle Contacts

Disclosure of Existing Public Records and Information

Media Information Requests

Solid Waste Facility, Regulation, and Procedure Questions or Concerns

Or Phone

  • Main Switchboard: (916) 322-4027
  • Office of Public Affairs: (916) 341-6300
  • Public Records Requests: (916) 341-6070, (1001 I Street) | 327-0089 (801 K Street)

If you work for a California city, county, or regional solid waste agency, you may wish to contact your Local Assistance and Market Development representative. Disposal Reporting System questions should be emailed to

Last updated: March 14, 2011
Local Government Central 
Local Assistance & Market Development: (916) 341-6199