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Final Status of Priority Bills, 2007-2008 Session

This is the final status of bills at the end of the 2007-08 legislative session.

Assembly Bills
Bill Information Location Summary
AB 94 (Committee on Utilities and Commerce)

Renewable Energy

Dead This bill would require the amount of electricity generated per year from eligible renewable energy resources to be at least 33 percent of the total electricity sold to retail customers in California per year by December 31, 2020.
AB 501 (Swanson)

Pharmaceutical Devices

Vetoed This bill would require a pharmaceutical manufacturer, whose product is administered for home use through a prefilled injection device, to arrange to provide either a postage prepaid mail-back sharps container or an approved sharps container for the safe storage of, and transport to a sharps consolidation location or other specified location.
AB 1389 (Committee on Budget)

State Government

Chapter 751, Statutes of 2008 Would reduce the continuous appropriation from the General Fund, described above, by specified amounts. The bill would require that the transfers to the Supplemental Benefit Maintenance Account be made on November 1 and April 1 of each fiscal year, with each transfer to equal 1/2 the amount appropriated. The bill, until 2013, would also make a series of appropriations from the General Fund for the purpose of paying interest on the judgment in a specified case related to the account. The bill would state the intent of the Legislature that certain information be included in the annual Budget Act. This bill contains other related provisions and other existing laws.
AB 1390 (Huffman)
D-San Rafael

State Government

Dead Would on and after July 1, 2009, establish the amount of the fee in an amount of $2 per ton and would require $0.60 of that fee after that date to be available for expenditure by the board, upon appropriation by the Legislature, in accordance with a specified schedule.
AB 1391 (Brownley)
D-Santa Monica

Solid Waste: Diversion: Illegal Dumping: Fees

Vetoed This bill would require a retail seller of covered electronic devices (CED) to provide customers, at the point of sale, with the CIWMB’s website that includes specific information on how to properly dispose of electronic waste in the state. (Note: This is almost an identical reintroduction of AB 546 (Brownley) from 2007, which was vetoed by the Governor.)
AB 1724 (Jones)

Vehicles: Impoundment: Illegal Dumping

Vetoed This bill would authorize local entities to enact ordinances that would allow for the impoundment of a vehicle used to dump commercial quantities of solid waste, if the person whose vehicle is impounded has a prior conviction for illegal dumping.
AB 1846 (Adams)

Inedible Kitchen Grease

Chapter 321,
Statutes of 2008
Would exempt those who transport inedible kitchen grease for their own personal, noncommercial use as an alternative fuel, from paying 75 percent of the $300 transporter fee, as specified.
AB 1879 (Feuer)
D-Los Angeles

Hazardous Materials: Toxic Substances

Chapter 559, Statutes of 2008 This bill would provide the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) and the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) with the authority to establish a process by which chemicals and chemical ingredients in products are prioritized for consideration as a chemical of concern and gives DTSC the authority to adopt regulations, seek safer science-based alternatives to toxic chemicals and alternatives to best limit exposure to the priority chemicals in consumer products, including imposing requirements for the manufacturer to manage the product at the end of its useful life, and establish an online Toxics Information Clearinghouse to gain greater knowledge about the toxicity and hazard traits of thousands of chemicals currently used in California.
AB 1972 (DeSaulnier)

Solid Waste: Plastic Bags: Food and Beverage Containers

Chapter 436, Statutes of 2008 This bill would modify two chapters in current law: one on biodegradable and compostable plastic bags and one on plastic food and beverage containers. In both programs, the sale of an item labeled “compostable” or “marine degradable” would be prohibited unless the item meets specific American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Specifications, or in some cases, a standard adopted by the CIWMB.
AB 2071 (Karnette)
D-Long Beach

Plastic Bags: Plastic Food and Beverage Containers: Enforcement

Chapter 570, Statutes of 2008 This bill would establish penalties for failure to comply with labeling requirements for compostable, biodegradable, and degradable plastic bags and plastic food and beverage containers sold in California. The labeling requirements are already part of current law; this bill would add enforcement provisions.
AB 2245 (Soto)

Illegal Dumping Enforcement Officers: Use of Batons

Chapter 96, Statutes of 2008 This bill would allow illegal dumping enforcement officers to carry batons if the individual has satisfactorily completed a course of instruction, certified by the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), in the carrying and use of a club or baton.
AB 2347 (Ruskin)
D-Redwood City

Mercury-added Thermostats: Collection Program

Chapter 572, Statutes of 2008 This bill would enact the Mercury Thermostat Collection Act of 2008 and would require a manufacturer who sold mercury-added thermostats before January 1, 2006 to establish and maintain a collection and recycling program for out-of-service mercury-added thermostats.
AB 2679 (Ruskin)
D-Redwood City

Solid Waste: Enforcement: Local Agencies

Chapter 500, Statutes of 2008 This bill would make numerous changes to strengthen and streamline the enforcement provisions under the California Integrated Waste Management Act, including, repealing the automatic stay of an enforcement order, establishing civil and criminal penalties for specific violations of the Integrated Waste Management Act, and authorizing the CIWMB to take any enforcement action currently available to local enforcement agencies (LEAs) under certain circumstances.
AB 3025 (Lieber)
D-Mountain View

Solid Waste: Polystyrene Loosefill Packaging

Chapter 471,
Statutes of 2008
This bill would prohibit, after January 1, 2012, a wholesaler or manufacturer from selling, or offering to sell expanded polystyrene (EPS) loosefill packaging material (“packaging peanuts”) in California, unless it meets requirements to contain specified amounts of recycled material. Ultimately, the bill requires EPS loosefill packaging to be comprised of 100 percent recycled material by January 1, 2017.

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Senate Bills
Bill Information Location Summary
SB 908 (Simitian)
D-Palo Alto

Environmental Education

Vetoed This bill would add the topic of “climate change” to an existing list of environmental education topics that must be included in the State Board of Education’s (SBE) and the California Department of Education’s (CDE) science framework. The CIWMB’s Office of Education and the Environment (OEE), in conjunction with CalEPA, is in the process of creating an environment-based K-12 curriculum for the science framework, also known as the Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI).
SB 1016 (Wiggins)
D-Santa Rosa

Diversion: Compliance: Per Capita Disposal Rate

Chapter 343, Statutes of 2008 Would move the IWMB from the existing solid waste diversion accounting system to a per capita disposal based system. Would also revise the reporting and review process so that jurisdictions determined to be in compliance with the 50 percent diversion requirement would be subject to a review every four years, while those not in compliance would continue to be reviewed every two years. Parallel requirements for State agencies.
SB 1277 (Maldonado)
R-Santa Maria

Synthetic Turf

Chapter 398,
Statutes of 2008
This bill would require, on or before September 1, 2010, the CIWMB, in consultation with the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) and the State Department of Public Health (DPH), to prepare a study on the effects of synthetic turf and natural turf on the environment and the public health.
SB 1473 (Calderon)

Building Standards

Chapter 719, Statutes of 2008 Would require the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) to adopt, approve, codify, update, and publish green building standards for any occupancy for which no State agency has the authority or expertise to propose those standards. Directs local governments to collect a fee of $4 per $100K in valuation from building permit applicants to fund the development, adoption, publication, and educational efforts for green building standards.
SB 1574 (Florez)

Underground Storage Tanks: Biodiesel

 Vetoed Would specify interim standards for underground storage tanks that contain biodiesel blends. Would also define biodiesel and biodiesel blends.
SB 1625 (Corbett)
D-San Leandro

Recycling: CRV Containers

Dead The bill would define the term "plastic bottle" as an individual rigid or semirigid container with a body consisting primarily of plastic and with a neck narrower than the body in which one gallon or less of any nonbeverage and nonfood product is sold. The bill would define the term "CRV container" to mean a beverage container or a plastic bottle and would provide that the term "beverage container," when used in the act, means a CRV container. This bill contains other related provisions and other existing laws.
SB 1781 (Committee on Environmental Quality

Environmental Quality: Solid Waste Management: Used and Waste Tires: Ballast Water Management

Chapter 696, Statutes of 2008 As it relates to the CIWMB, this bill would clarify several portions of the waste and used tire hauler statutes, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective enforcement of those requirements.

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