California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Regulations: Title 14, Natural Resources--Division 7

Chapter 3. Minimum Standards for Solid Waste Handling and Disposal

Article 1. General

Section 17200. Authority.

The regulations contained herein are promulgated pursuant to Public Resources Code (PRC) sections 43020 and 43021 and Health and Safety Code section 4520. No provision in Chapter 3 shall be construed as a limitation or restriction upon the Board's right to exercise discretion which is vested in it by law. Nor shall any provision be construed to limit or restrict counties and cities from promulgating enactments which are as strict as or stricter than the regulations contained in this chapter. However, no city or county may promulgate enactments which are inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter. Any reference in this chapter to an enforcement agency shall be deemed to mean the enforcement agency created pursuant to Public Resources Code sections 43200-43219.

Section 17201. Compliance with Laws and Regulations.

Nothing in these standards shall be construed as relieving an owner, operator, or designer from the obligation of obtaining all required permits, licenses, or other clearances, and complying with all orders, laws, regulations, or other requirements of other approval, regulatory or enforcement agencies, such as, but not limited to, the Department, local health entities, water and air quality control boards, local land use authorities, fire authorities, etc.

Article 2. Purpose and Intent

Section 17202. Purpose.

The purpose of these regulations is to promote the health, safety and welfare of the people of the State of California, and to protect the environment by establishing minimum standards for the handling of solid wastes.

Section 17203. Intent.

By adopting these standards, the Board hereby sets forth performance standards for solid waste handling activities which are of state concern, as required by Public Resources Code section 43021, and sets forth minimum substantive requirements for operators' submission of information concerning individual solid waste facilities.

Section 17204. Intent of Standards.

These standards are generally intended to describe required levels of performance rather than detailed requirements. Wherever possible, operators and designers shall be permitted flexibility in meeting the objectives set by the standards. Where the term "adequate" or the phrase "as approved by the enforcement agency" is used, the operator will propose a method, physical improvement, or other appropriate means to comply with a standard. The enforcement agency may thereupon accept, modify, reject, or replace the operator's proposal, and shall incorporate the means of compliance into the operator's permit, if applicable and appropriate.

Section 17205. Health Related Standards.

These regulations contain both Health related standards and standards related to Solid Waste Management. The Health Standards are designated by the letter "H". When a Solid Waste Management Standard also is included in a section, it is identified by the letters "SWM". In all other cases the standards are Solid Waste Management Standards.

Section 17206. Repealed.

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