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Subject:    Latest in a Series of Drug Collection EPR Ordinances
Date Sent:    July 29, 2015

Marin and Los Angeles Counties are the latest to pursue Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) ordinances, which require pharmaceutical manufacturers to fund and manage home-generated pharmaceutical waste collection and proper disposal.  Other than King County, Washington’s ordinance passing in 2013, the following list shows the status of all other U.S. drug disposal EPR ordinances to date (all in California):

Enacted Ordinances (California Bay Area)

Alameda County (2012)

San Francisco (2015)

San Mateo County (2015)

Santa Clara County (2015)


Pursuing Ordinances

Marin County, next hearing: 10:30 a.m., August 11, 2015

Los Angeles County, next hearing: August 11, 2015

Santa Barbara County, recommend sustainably funded model options such as EPR in October, 2015


Retail Take-Back

San Luis Obispo County (2015) 


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