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Subject:    Request for Proposals for Paint Source Reduction Study
Date Sent:    February 22, 2016

CalRecycle is sharing the following information on behalf of PaintCare and the Product Stewardship Institute:


PaintCare is soliciting proposals from qualified consultants to conduct original research on measuring and reducing the generation of post-consumer architectural paint.  The objectives of the project are to 1) develop a methodology to measure the amount of post-consumer paint; 2) utilize the methodology to compare changes to the amount of leftover post-consumer paint over time; and 3) make recommendations for strategies to reduce the generation of post-consumer paint.  The results of the study will enable PaintCare to set source reduction goals and measure progress toward reducing the amount of post-consumer paint generated. 


Qualified consultants are encouraged to apply by April 15, 2016.  View the complete RFP for full guidelines and application instructions.



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