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Subject:    Illegally Dumped Mattress Compensation Program
Date Sent:    March 2, 2016

The CalRecycle Mattress Stewardship Team is forwarding the following information on behalf of the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC):

The MRC has just launched a program to help mitigate costs of collecting illegally dumped mattresses in California communities. This program allows agencies responsible for the collection of illegally dumped mattresses from the public right-of-way, including California local governments, certain permitted solid waste facilities, and authorized solid waste operations to receive payment from the MRC for the collection of illegally dumped mattresses. The MRC has allocated a total of $750,000 to fund this effort for 2016. Eligible entities that wish to receive reimbursement must register and begin tracking the number of illegally dumped mattresses collected. Register for the program and see the complete eligibility requirements and reporting instructions at, or contact Mark Patti at



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