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Subject:    Funding Opportunity: CEC to accelerate release of EPIC Bioenergy Solicitation
Date Sent:    March 4, 2016

CalRecycle is forwarding this email regarding future funding opportunities from the California Energy Commission that may be of interest members of this listserv:

In response to the Governor’s 10-30-2015 Proclamation of a State of Emergency to protect communities against unprecedented tree die-off, the EPIC program is accelerating the schedule for release of the EPIC bioenergy solicitation this spring and dedicating a significant amount of the bioenergy allocation and focus in the high hazard areas. TD&D Woody Biomass to Electricity projects must be located in one of the six counties (Tuolumne, Mariposa, Madera, Fresno, Tulare, and Kern) identified in the CalFire “Drought Related Tree Mortality Draft High Hazard Zones” to be eligible for funding. TD&D Food-Waste to Electricity projects must be located in Southern California. Also, TD&D projects require match funds; typically this is 20 percent of the proposed grant.

Consistent with the 2015-2017 EPIC Investment Plan and in coordination with the California Public Utilities Commission, the solicitation will address three funding initiatives for bioenergy: 

  • Applied Research and Development: Efficient, Sustainable and Lower-Cost Bioenergy: Innovations to Improve Woody Biomass-to-Electricity Systems (Funding Initiative S3.1)

The projects funded through this solicitation must use technologies and strategies sized for environmentally and economically sustainable use of locally available woody biomass resources and provide benefits to local communities and IOU electricity ratepayers. This research area includes developing technologies and strategies for the sustainable use of forest residue and thinning to generate renewable electricity, while reducing catastrophic fire hazards.
Available Funding: $5 million

  • Technology Demonstration and Deployment: Demonstrate and Evaluate Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Woody Biomass-to-Electricity Systems (Funding Initiative S13.1)

This research topic is designed to demonstrate innovative technologies, techniques, and deployment strategies to expand the efficient and sustainable use of California’s woody biomass from high hazard zones (per the Governor’s Proclamation of a State of Emergency) to generate electricity and, where possible, useful thermal energy.
Available Funding: $10 million

  • Technology Demonstration and Deployment: Demonstrate and Evaluate Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Food-Waste Biomass-to-Electricity Systems (Funding Initiative S13.2)

Projects should demonstrate how they will generate electricity from biogas for on-site use or sale to one of the large IOUs, for example through the SB 1122 BioMat program, while assisting in achieving the state’s 75 percent waste diversion goal.
Available Funding: $8 million

The combined total is $23 million for the proposed bioenergy solicitation, with the majority of funds allocated to woody biomass research, development and demonstration projects.

This will be a 2-phase solicitation. Phase 1 will solicit abbreviated proposals (typically about 5 pages) to explain research concepts. Applications passing Phase 1 may apply to the more detailed Phase 2.

Further details of the solicitation will be available in the Grant Funding Opportunity application manual anticipated to be released this spring.  Visit to sign up for the CEC EPIC listserv.


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