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Subject:    Comments Due 4/22: ARB Draft GHG Quantification Methodology for CalRecycle GGRF Programs
Date Sent:    April 7, 2016

ARB has posted a draft quantification methodology (QM) and calculator for assessing FY 2015-16 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) applications.  In addition to these documents, ARB has posted a supplemental workbook with additional information on how the emission reduction factors used in the draft calculator were developed.  All documents are available here (see CalRecycle section):
ARB is accepting public comments on the draft QM, draft calculator and supplemental workbook until April 22, 2016 via  The draft versions are subject to change pending stakeholder comments.  The final QM, final calculator and final supplemental workbook will be posted approximately two weeks after the public comment period closes. The final versions will be available at the same website:
The draft QM and accompanying draft calculator will be used by applicants until ARB approves its final QM, at which time GHG emission reduction calculations will be modified by CalRecycle in consultation with ARB, if necessary.  For applications submitted after the final versions are posted, applicants will use the final QM and final calculator to estimate GHG emission reductions.

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