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Subject:    CARE Procurement Grant Announcement and Webinar TODAY at 2pm
Date Sent:    June 14, 2016

*This email is being sent on behalf of Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE)

The California Carpet Stewardship Program has released a draft solicitation for a new pilot grant program to promote the development of long-term, sustainable and diversified markets for products produced from California post-consumer carpet. The Cycle 1C Pilot will seek proposals from eligible applicants for projects that increase procurement of recycled-content products containing California post-consumer carpet. Projects will divert carpet from landfill disposal, prevent illegal carpet dumping and support carpet recycling. Grants will be targeted to California public agencies.

See the draft notice here.


CARE will hold a webinar on Tuesday, June 14, at 2pm Pacific to describe the proposed program and gain stakeholder input prior to releasing the final grant notice. All stakeholders are invited to register for the free, one-hour webinar here

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