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Subject:    Notice for CalRecycle Greenhouse Gas Reduction Grant Programs FY 2016-17 Funding
Date Sent:    September 20, 2016

The Governor signed SB 1383 (Lara, Chapter 395, Statutes of 2016) yesterday and AB 1613 (Committee on Budget, Chapter 370, Statutes of 2016) on September 13, 2016.  AB 1613, in conjunction with SB 1383, allocates $40 million from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to CalRecycle from the Governor’s Fiscal Year 2016-17 Budget for "Waste Diversion and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Assistance as specified in Section 42999 of the Public Resources Code."  CalRecycle is currently identifying how these funds will be allocated across our various Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund grant programs and will notify stakeholders via the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs listserv once the proposed program fund allocation is finalized. To subscribe to the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs listserv, go to

For more information go to Climate Change: Proposed Greenhouse Gas Reduction Grant and Loan Programs.

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