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Subject:    CalRecycle Disapproval of CARE 2017-2021 Revised Carpet Stewardship Plan and Next Steps
Date Sent:    April 21, 2017

Save-the-Date: Next Steps Regarding California Carpet Stewardship on May 16, 2017 in Sacramento

Per Director Smithline’s direction, summarized below, CalRecycle staff will:


  • Present a draft enforcement plan (see FAQ’s) at CalRecycle’s May 16, 2017 Monthly Public Meeting (agenda will be posted here closer to the date); and

  • Conduct an informational public workshop the afternoon of May 16, 2017 to provide information on how to draft and submit a stewardship plan(s) to comply with state law.


Summary of Director Smithline’s Decision to Disapprove CARE’s 2017-2021 Stewardship Plan

On April 18, 2017, the Director of CalRecycle disapproved CARE’s California Carpet Stewardship Plan 2017-2021, having found it does not conform to the statutory requirements of PRC §42970 et seq., as described in staff’s Request for Approval.  However, in order to preserve the recycling infrastructure and avoid market disruptions, manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers in compliance with the prior 2016 Carpet Stewardship Plan may continue to operate for the next 60 days without being subject to fines for selling carpet in California.


The Director instructed CalRecycle staff to present a draft plan for public discussion at the May 16, 2017 Monthly Public Meeting for commencing enforcement actions against manufacturers, as appropriate, for selling carpet in California not subject to an approved plan, and to present a final enforcement plan at the June 2017 Monthly Public Meeting. 


CalRecycle’s draft enforcement plan will not include:

  • Retroactive fines for the sale of carpet;

  • Penalties for wholesalers and retailers that purchase and sell carpet in California. 


CalRecycle’s draft enforcement plan will include:

More information about how CalRecycle will approach enforcement for manufacturers selling carpet in California if they are not part of an approved stewardship plan.

The Director also instructed staff to hold a workshop on the afternoon of the May 16 Monthly Public Meeting for manufacturers and stakeholders to obtain information on how to draft and submit a stewardship plan(s) that comply with state law.


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