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Subject:    SAVE THE DATE: August 15 Workshop on Proposed Mattress Recycling Baseline & Goals
Date Sent:    June 28, 2017

Save The Date: CalRecycle Proposed State Mattress Recycling Baseline & Goals Workshop 

The Used Mattress Recovery and Recycling Act requires CalRecycle to establish, in consultation with the mattress recycling organization, the state mattress recycling baseline amount and the state mattress recycling goals.

The purpose of this workshop is to gather public comments and input on a draft staff proposal for the development of the state mattress recycling baseline amount and state mattress recycling goals.  An agenda and supporting documents for this workshop will be posted on the CalRecycle website in advance of the workshop date.  

Where: Cal/EPA Headquarters Building, Byron Sher Auditorium (2nd Floor), 1001 I Street, Sacramento 

When: Tuesday, August 15, 2017 

Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm 

All information will be shared via this listserv and the mattress program newsbox here:

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