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Subject:    Update: AB 901 Rulemaking Process - Formal Period Begins
Date Sent:    January 26, 2018


To whom it may concern:





As part of its responsibilities to implement the Recycling and Disposal Reporting System (AB 901, and also legislation, AB 1103), CalRecycle must undertake the rulemaking process. The proposed regulations for recycling and disposal facility reporting (see attached) aim to streamline and improve how organics, recyclable material, and solid waste are reported to and tracked by CalRecycle to better assist our various stakeholders and the public at large. (Note: To enhance accessibility of PDFs, switch to high-contrast colors, as needed, when viewing.)


Notice of the proposed regulations was published in the California Regulatory Notice Register by the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) on January 26, 2018. This notice begins the formal 45-day public comment period of the rulemaking process. The public notice may be viewed HERE.




During this 45-day comment process, written comment may be sent by mail, fax, or email to:




Jane Mantey, Ph.D. (or John Sitts)
Policy Development and Analysis Office
California Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)
801 K Street, 17th Floor, MS 17-01
Sacramento, CA 95814
ATTN: AB 901 Reporting

Fax: (916) 319-7482 (or (916) 319-7199)

A public hearing to receive public comments on the proposed regulations for recycling and disposal facility reporting has been scheduled for
March 14, 2018 at 2:00 PM. The hearing will be held at the:




Joe Serna Jr., Cal EPA Building


Coastal Hearing Room


1001 I Street, 2nd Floor


Sacramento, CA 95814




CalRecycle requests those making oral comments at the hearing also submit written copies of their testimony. The hearing will conclude after the public gives testimony. Responses to public comments and any subsequent regulatory changes will be released after the conclusion of the 45-day period.




You will find the hearing agenda and all related materials, including a webcast link for remote participants, on the following Public Notice page HERE.




The following website contains information about the regulation and will be updated to provide information related to the rulemaking as CalRecycle progresses with its efforts:


To receive updates on the proposed regulations for recycling and disposal facility reporting, please register for the Recycling and Disposal Facility Reporting Listserv.



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