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Subject:    EPR Legislative Update
Date Sent:    February 24, 2010
Message:    CalRecycle Extended Producer Responsibility

Several product stewardship bills have recently been introduced in the California Legislature (

- SB 1100 (Corbett) Product stewardship: household batteries.
- AB 2138 (Chesbro) Recycling: food service packaging: carryout bags.
- AB 2139 (Chesbro) This bill would create the California Product Stewardship Act and would define the term "covered product" as including medical sharps, containers used to contain pesticides intended for residential use, small personal use propane tanks, personal butane lighters, and single-use food packaging that the department determines is a significant source of ocean and beach contamination.
- AB 2176 (Blumenfield) The Legislature declares its intent to enact subsequent legislation to provide for the California Lighting Toxics Reduction and Recycling Act.
- AB 2398 (Perez) Product stewardship: carpet.

With the exception of AB 2176, which is currently a spot bill, the bills above would assign certain responsibilities to the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle).

-The CalRecycle EPR Team

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