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Subject:    CalRecycle EPR Evaluation of GHG Emissions Associated with Products Project Update
Date Sent:    September 15, 2010
Message:    CalRecycle Extended Producer Responsibility

This listserv message provides an update on the EPR Evaluation of GHG Emissions Associated with Products project:

The EPR Evaluation of GHG Emissions Associated with Products project aims to identify to what extent product stewardship strategies can reduce greenhouse gas and other adverse environmental, social, and economic impacts for a group of products using a scientifically-based life-cycle approach. There are three components:

- Develop several approaches to analyze products that are scientifically-based and incorporate product life cycle data, along with economic and social impacts;

- Prepare case studies for selected products to understand the potential benefits of a product stewardship approach, including changes in GHG emissions and other environmental, economic, and social impacts; and

- Provide California-specific guidelines for determining if and when a product purchased with recycled content has reduced associated GHG emissions and other environmental benefits as compared to a similar product made from virgin materials.

The project is underway. The contractors are beginning work on developing the California-specific hybrid input-output/process-based life-cycle assessment model. Staff anticipate selecting the preliminary set of products on which to focus around late September 2010.

For more information on this project, contact Cynthia Dunn at 916-341-6449 or

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