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Subject:    Form 303 Rulemaking: Notice of 15-day Comment Period
Date Sent:    May 2, 2013

On May 3, 2013 CalRecycle will initiate a 15-day public comment period for the
proposed changes to the Regulations on the Form 303 Household Hazardous Waste
Collection Report. The 15-day written public comment period for this rulemaking
will end at noon May 20, 2013.

CalRecycle requests that comments be submitted
electronically to
in a Microsoft Word document or saved as a PDF (not scanned). This will allow
CalRecycle to more readily ensure that the documents meet the accessibility
requirements necessary for online posting. It is not necessary to show a
signature for purposes of this online posting.

Attached please find the following documents.  They will also be available for download from the Form
303 Rulemaking website
by May 3, 2013.

* "Notice of 15-day Comment Period" for information on
providing comments

* "Revised Proposed Regulation, dated May 3, 2013" for the
incorporated changes.

**** Background ****

The California Integrated Waste Management Act (Act), Public Resources Code
(PRC) §40000 et. seq., gives the Department authority to provide for the
protection of public health, safety, and the environment through waste prevention,
waste diversion, and safe waste processing and disposal. PRC §40502 requires
the Department to adopt rules and regulations to implement the Act.

The proposed new regulations cover CalRecycle’s
responsibilities for the development and maintenance of a database of all
household hazardous waste collection events, facilities, and programs within
the state (
Resources Code (PRC) §47203
). This rulemaking provides clarifications and
updates to the existing regulations and has sections on the following topics:
definitions; Form 303 submittals; and material collection and disposition.

As a reminder, all information related to this rulemaking can
be found here:

More general information about the Form 303 can be found

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