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Subject:    NAHMMA Webinar, June 19: Pharmaceutical Policy Update - California
Date Sent:    June 14, 2013

The North American Hazardous Materials Management
Association (NAHMMA) is hosting a webinar on June 19, 10:00am - 10:45am PDT.  


California has been active locally and at the
state level regarding safe medication disposal paid for by producers and others
in the product chain.  Heidi will cover the local and state efforts to
address pharmaceuticals which have provided data to inform public policy, and
legislative efforts at the local and state levels to provide safe and
convenient disposal options for the public.  She will discuss lesson
learned, support and opposition, and legal challenges that will provide the
"rules of the road" as the nation struggles to address safe
medication disposal.

Presented by Heidi SanbornCalifornia Product Stewardship Council (CPSC).

Heidi has been a leader in the solid waste
industry in California for 22 years, working with industry, government and the
public to reduce waste, improve product design and recyclability, and implement
cost-effective policies which protect the health of our communities. 
Collaborating with local government leaders, Heidi founded CPSC in 2007 to
change the way product waste is funded and managed in California; she has since
become a nationally recognized thought leader and driver for innovative product
stewardship programs across the country.

Most recently, Heidi has provided assistance to
San Francisco and Alameda Counties in addressing pharmaceutical
stewardship.  San Francisco has developed a local program with financial
support from the pharmaceutical companies and Alameda County adopted the first
local law in the country requiring producers of drugs help pay for the safe
disposal system.

The webinar is FREE to NAHMMA or CPSC members.

Contact Jonathan
 with NAHMMA for any questions.  

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