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Subject:    Household Hazardous Waste Grant Program- Sharps Grant Project (FY 2011/12) Round 2
Date Sent:    June 19, 2013

There is still remaining inventory from
the HHW FY2011/12 Sharps Grant Project.

The Department of Resources Recycling and
Recovery (CalRecycle) is offering Round 2 for grants in the form of sharps
waste containers, which CalRecycle has purchased and will distribute to
Approved California Local Jurisdictions (Approved Jurisdictions). The Sharps
Grant Project (Sharps Grant), offered under the auspices of the Household
Hazardous Waste (HHW) Grant Program, is to assist in the support of a safe,
convenient and cost-effective infrastructure for collecting and disposing of
home-generated sharps waste. Eligible jurisdictions must have access to sharps
waste collection, proper disposal, and public education programs or be able to
demonstrate that they are in the process of implementing them this year by
providing a brief work plan in an application cover letter and including it
with your mailed application form. Local jurisdictions must distribute the
sharps containers obtained through this grant to sharps users. All sharps
containers obtained through this grant must directly benefit public health and
safety.  There is a very limited amount of Kiosks available.

Priority shall be given based on approved
applications, online submittal times, postal marked dates and the categories

1.     The Jurisdiction is a participant in a regional
entity where the lead jurisdiction has chosen to not represent their
participating jurisdictions. For example, XYZ County is the Lead Jurisdiction
for HHW management but has chosen not to represent their participating
jurisdictions in this grant.  Therefore, City A, City B and City C within
the county would not be eligible because they are not responsible for the HHW
management in their jurisdictions. These Jurisdictions are now eligible for
this grant as long as there is access to proper sharps waste collection and
disposal within their jurisdiction.

2.  New jurisdictional
application for this program.

3.     The Jurisdiction has previously applied for this
sharps grant and wishes to request additional products.   

This application round will close when all
 of the sharps containers are awarded, or by June 28.

HHW FY 2011/12 Sharps Grant Round 2 is now available, please use the following
link to obtain information on the

Sharps Grant at:

for applications is post marked by June 28, or until all products are
awarded.  Plan accordingly.

you have any questions, after reading the instructions, please respond to

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