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Subject:    Form 303 for FY 2012/13 is now available
Date Sent:    August 1, 2013

Apologies for any cross postings. 

CalRecycle is pleased to announce the Form 303 report for FY
2012/13 is now open for all users to input data.  You can access the online system here: 

Instructions, a video training webinar recording, and a
Q&A document from the webinars has been posted to the Form 303 webpage. 

The Form 303 report is due by October 1, 2013

You do not need to submit a report if another agency reports
all of your data on your behalf.  For
those who have not yet explored the new Form 303 database, here is a quick
overview of some of the features:

  • Form 303 Submittal: Reporting
    Agencies are able to complete and submit the Form 303 online, using a set
    of intuitive and streamlined pages.

  • Printer-Friendly PDF
    Printer-friendly reports can be used by Reporting Agencies to
    complete the Form 303.

  • Annual Report History:
    This feature captures the entire Form 303 as it was submitted (including
    the person submitting it) so Reporting Agencies can review previous Form
    303 in its entirety. There are several years’ worth of past data

  • WebPass for Reporting
    Reporting Agency staff can use the same e-mail address and
    password to sign into the Form 303 system every year.  Reporting Agencies can use the same
    CalRecycle WebPass that they use for other CalRecycle databases. 

  • Data Reports: All
    Reporting Agencies can pull up reports to compare data by Cycle, by
    Reporting agencies, Collections, Dispositions, Program types, etc. for one
    or multiple years and export the data to Excel, to break it down further,
    and to create user friendly reports/graphs.

If you have any further questions, please contact

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