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SB 486-Sharps Manufacturers Collection & Disposal Plans due July 17/15/2016
D.E.A. Effort to Curb Painkiller Abuse Falls Short at Pharmacies10/12/2015
Latest in a Series of Drug Collection EPR Ordinances7/29/2015
U.S. DEA resumes drug collection Sept. 26th 7/17/2015
U.S. Supreme Court Denies Pharmaceutical Industry Challenge to Alameda Program5/27/2015
Pharmacies can sell syringes if they provide disposal options (AB 1743)2/25/2015
Federal court upheld Alameda County’s EPR ordinance9/30/2014
U.S. DEA releases regulations expanding options to collect controlled substances9/9/2014
URL correction to: PhRMA, GPhA, and BIO v. Alameda County hearing starting 9am Friday, 7/117/11/2014
PhRMA, GPhA, and BIO v. Alameda County hearing starting 9am Friday, 7/117/10/2014
Jackson Puts Statewide Drug Take-Back Legislation on Hold4/17/2014
Advocates Cite Health Benefits In Bid To Preserve Novel Drug Take-Back Plan2/20/2014
DOJ Sets Final Action Date for Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act of 20101/14/2014
PhRMA, GPhA, and BIO appeal ruling in favor of Alameda County9/26/2013
Federal Court Rules in Favor of Alameda County EPR Ordinance8/30/2013
King County, WA Passes Second Drug EPR Ordinance in the U.S. 6/26/2013
Household Hazardous Waste Grant Program- Sharps Grant Project (FY 2011/12) Round 26/19/2013
NAHMMA Webinar, June 19: Pharmaceutical Policy Update - California 6/14/2013
Solid waste director arrested after DEA take back event5/1/2013
Second Alameda County conference4/18/2013
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