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For Immediate Release: June 19, 2014
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CalRecycle Issues $5.4 Million in Grants for Used-Oil Management

SACRAMENTO – Local jurisdictions and other groups that are working to prevent used oil from damaging the environment have received state grant funding for education campaigns and facility improvements.

The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) has issued 27 grants totaling more than $5.4 million under its Used Oil Competitive Grant Program, which was created to reduce the potential for illegal disposal of used oil. Grant funds can be spent for used oil and filter collection, public education, reuse or recycling of used oil, or reducing storm water pollution from used oil. California local government agencies, cities, counties, regional programs and nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply.

“Illegal disposal of used oil can be devastating to the environment,” CalRecycle Director Caroll Mortensen said. “With this funding, steps can be taken at the local level to better educate Californians and provide the means to keep used oil out of storm drains and waterways through proper management.”

Used oil can contain such contaminants as lead, magnesium, copper, zinc, chromium, arsenic, chlorides, cadmium, and chlorinated compounds. One gallon of used oil can pollute 1 million gallons of water.

For local agencies, the grants can be used to augment the funding they receive annually on a per-capita basis from CalRecycle’s Used Oil Payment Program.

The 27 grant recipients are listed in the table below.

Applicant Award Amount
City of Anaheim $250,000
City of Chula Vista $916,800
City of Gardena $154,436
City of Hawthorne $160,480
City of Inglewood $212,831
City of Lancaster $210,936
City of Modesto $167,720
City of Monterey Park $360,750
City of Ontario $250,000
Town of Paradise $217,193
City and County of San Francisco $64,196
City of San Marino $40,761
Town of Truckee $54,510
City of Vernon $90,780
City of Woodland $27,624
Los Angeles County $250,000
Riverside County $30,988
San Joaquin County $90,000
Santa Clara County $305,739
Solano County $239,752
Stanislaus County $248,877
The Bay Foundation $245,764
Chinese Christian Herald Crusades Inc. $90,060
Community Services and Employment Training Inc. $245,599
Mendocino Solid Waste Management Authority $132,693
San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority $368,407
Save Our Shores $50,000
Total $5,476,896

Here are a few ways different groups will be using the funds:

  • The Bay Foundation, a nonprofit environmental group founded to restore Southern California coastal and inland waterways and habitats, will use grant funds to expand its boater education program to reduce the improper disposal of boat-generated pollutants such as used oil and oily bilge water. The group will also expand an absorbent pad exchange program and install a bilge pump-out station in a harbor that does not currently have one.
  • Truckee will develop Spanish-language education and outreach materials to expand its used oil and filter recycling program. It will also make oil-absorbent mats available to do-it-yourself oil changers, start a “clean boater” educational program to keep used oil out of area waterways, and create a public art project focused on keeping used oil and related pollutants out of storm drains.
  • Chula Vista plans to increase its promotion of CalRecycle’s Check Your Number campaign and will develop informational materials. City officials also will conduct educational outreach through television and radio commercials; billboards; and trolley, bus, and print outlets to promote used motor oil and filter recycling.

Used Oil Competitive Grants are issued every two years. The maximum amount for an individual grant is $250,000, while the maximum for a grant with two or more participants applying together is $1 million. Visit CalRecycle’s Used Oil Recycling Grant and Payment Programs webpage for more information.

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