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June 2009 Economic Incentives Workshop

June 15, 2009

California Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters
Sacramento, California

The California Integrated Waste Management Board (Board) now known as CalRecycle hosted a June 15, 2009, workshop on economic incentives that could be used to increase diversion of material from California’s landfills. the goal of the workshop was to exchange information with stakeholders about existing and potential economic incentives for the purpose of increasing diversion of material from California’s landfills. CalRecycle staff sought additional information on economic incentives to assist jurisdictions and businesses in implementing programs and expanding or siting facilities. the workshop was intended both to educate stakeholders about non-CalRecycle incentives that we are aware of and to seek information on other incentives that could be used or developed in diverting and using more organic and recyclable materials.

For additional information, contact Brian Larimore.

Agenda, Handouts, and Presentations
Topic Presenter or Author/
Agenda Brian Larimore, CalRecycle
Workshop Handout Brian Larimore, CalRecycle
Attachment 1 Brian Larimore, CalRecycle
Workshop Introduction Brian Larimore, CalRecycle
California Pollution Control Financing Authority (CPCFA) Overview Michael Paparian, CPCFA
Funding Opportunities for Waste-to-Energy Facilities Mike Leaon, California Energy Commission
AB 32 Cap and trade Lucille van Ommering, Air Resources Board
Climate Action Reserve (CAR) Organic Waste Digestion Project Protocol Syd Partridge, CAR
Q & A Session transcript Multiple

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