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Organic Materials Management

Locating Compost and Mulch Facilities for Commercial Projects

Do you have a commercial project and are you searching for compost/mulch facilities that accept organic materials, such as agricultural, food waste, green material, manure, and wood waste? This search page will locate compost and/or mulch facilities by county and feedstock they accept. You can select one or more feedstocks at a time. Note: If you do select multiple feedstocks, the search results will show only those facilities that accept all feedstocks selected. The data is continuously updated.

Facility Type:
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Food Waste
Green Materials
Wood Waste
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To be included on this list, producers must meet the following criteria: (1) Products must be available in bulk and will be listed only in counties where materials are produced or stored, (2) All products produced must comply with the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) composting facility regulations, CCR Title 14: Chapter 3.1.

Composting facilities operating in compliance with these regulations are listed. Mulching and vermicomposting, which are considered "excluded activities" in the composting facility regulations, are also listed if they are in compliance with applicable State Minimum Standards. In addition, composting businesses are listed with "permit pending" status if appropriate permitting paperwork has been submitted to local agencies and verified with the local enforcement agency (LEA) by CalRecycle staff. If the LEA allows a compost facility to operate and make a product, and the operation is in compliance with State minimum standards, a "permit pending" status will be designated and reviewed annually. See our list of LEAs to find contact information for your area.

Note: Identification of individuals, companies, and products on this list does not constitute endorsement by CalRecycle. CalRecycle distributes/publishes this information to increase public awareness and to build markets for recycled products made from organic materials collected in California jurisdictions. This list should not be considered comprehensive.

Nationwide Facilities Database

BioCycle's searchable database of composting facilities includes regulatory-compliant composting operations to aid generators of compostable feedstocks and other interested parties in locating facilities that are permitted to receive those feedstocks.

Last updated: June 13, 2011
Organic Materials Management