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Organic Materials Management: Past Workshops--Water Cross-Media Coordination for Compost Use and Production

Public Workshop: Regulation of Composting Facilities--Conditional Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements 

An Aug.17, 2009, workshop was held in Sacramento on the regulation of composting facilities and conditional waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements. The goal of the workshop was to begin the process of developing a statewide waiver with substantive conditions that would address water quality protection at composting facilities that currently exist or may be constructed.

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Agenda, Handouts, and Presentations
Topic Presenter or Author/Organization
Agenda Roger Mitchell, Water Board
Notice of Joint Public Workshop Jeanine Townsend, Water Board
Joint Public Workshop, Concepts for a Statewide Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements for the Regulation of Composting Facilities Lisa Babcock, Water Board
Joint Public Workshop—Composting Waiver Concepts Brenda Smyth, CIWMB (now known as CalRecycle)
Compost Regulations, CalRecycle (formerly CIWMB)/SWRCB Part 3 Evan Edgar, California Refuse Removal Council
Regulation of Compost Facilities Matthew Cotton, Integrated Waste Management Consulting, LLC

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