California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

At-Store Recycling Program


The following resources have been complied to assist an operator with the development and implementation of a compliant program.


CalRecycle Resources

  • Local Assistance and Market Development Division--To request CalRecycle assistance with recycling market development and ordinances for your area, contact the Local Assistance and Market Development staff.
  • Waste Prevention Information Exchange-Plastics--For more information about plastic carryout bag and film recycling, the Waste Prevention Information Exchange is an industry resource providing links to material comparisons, recycling locations, and plastic markets.

Other Resources

  • American Chemistry Council-Plastic Bag Recycling--The American Chemistry Council is a trade association for the United States plastics industry. They represent large plastic manufacturers and have developed a toolkit and website to assist retailers in facilitating plastic bag recycling programs.
  • Bay Area Outreach Recycling Coalition-Bring Your Own Bag--The Bay Area Recycling Coalition has developed a successful outreach program promoting the use of reusable bags. For additional information on this outreach efforts go to the BYOBag campaign website.
  • City of Los Angeles--The City of Los Angeles has developed a number of local resources for recycling plastic bags for the public, retailers, and schools. A plastics website has been developed so that the public and retailers can download useful information about plastic bag recycling. A toolkit for retailers with signage is available for download on the Web site. For more information on the city's program, contact Lupe Vela at (213) 485-2997 or email her at
  • Earth911-Plastic Bags--Earth911 is a national organization providing local recycling information to the general public. Earth911’s “Plastic Bags” section provides information on plastic bag recycling including drop-off locations, the benefits of recycling plastic bags, and tips on reuse. For more information, the hotline is 1-800-CLEANUP.

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Last updated: April 6, 2011
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