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Plastic Container Cooperative Recycling Initiative

Kickoff Meeting: January 25, 2006

The CIWMB held a workshop with stakeholders on January 25, 2006 to identify the necessary working groups for the Plastic Container Cooperative Recycling Initiative. Remote participation was made available via webcast and one-way conference call.


9:00-9:15 Welcome / Introductions / Agenda Review

Presentation by Mike Leaon

  • Low recycling rates for rigid containers
  • Other than #1 and #2, containers are not being collected
9:30-10:00 Review Proposed Project Plan

Brainstorming / Fishbone Exercise

  • Identify possible obstacles
  • Identify possible solutions
  • Identify possible work groups

Completed fishbone exercise


Next Steps

  • Staff will revise project plan based on results of brainstorming
11:35-11:50 Open Discussion
11:50-12:00 Next Meeting/Adjourn

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