California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Plastic Film Cooperative Recycling Initiative

Meeting: March 28, 2006

1:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)
CalEPA headquarters building, Conference Room 230
A toll-free telephone number, (866) 827-6649, pass code 3696358#, is available to listen via one-way conference call.

Meeting Purpose: To develop more detailed work plans through the ongoing collaborative process to implement programs and projects on a statewide basis to increase the collection and recycling of film plastic.


1:00-1:10 Welcome, Housekeeping, & Introductions:  Christine Flowers

Project Updates: Christine Flowers/Neal Johnson

    --Ventura County
    --Tulare County
    --OLA (Office of Local Assistance) update
    --Blue Wrap


Metrics: Christine Flowers/Neal Johnson

1. Overall goal-50% plastic diversion
2. Ag film
    --# of wash lines
    --Jurisdictions w/programs (consolidation points, collection projects)
    --Tons diverted
    --Individual projects (consolidation points, collection projects)
3. Grocery/merchandise bags
    --# of stores with drop off/collection programs
    --# of curbside collection programs
    --# of MRFs (Materials Recovery Facility) that separate and bale film
    --# of drop off locations listed on
    --# of public/private partnership to RRR bags
4. Transportation packaging (stretch wrap)
    --# of warehouses/big box stores/shopping malls that either bale or sandwich bale stretch
    --Tons diverted
    --# with drop off




Review and Discuss Work Plans: Christine Flowers/Neal Johnson

1. Ag film
2. Residential and commercial film
3. Transportation packaging (stretch wrap)
4. Hospital Blue Wrap
      --Fact Sheet:
         Reusable Totes, Blue Wrap Recycling and Composting


Open Discussion: Christine Flowers/Neal Johnson

3:50-4:00 Adjourn. Next meeting is April 25, 2006

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