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TitlePublished on the WebDocument DatePublication Number
Red Palm Weevil Poster (Spanish, B&W)4/21/20174/24/2017DRRR-2017-01609
Red Palm Weevil Poster (Spanish, Color)4/21/20174/13/2017DRRR-2017-01608
2002 Status Report for the Recycled-Content Newsprint Program3/22/20173/1/2004DRRR-2004-01607
The Red Palm Weevil (Poster/Black and White)3/17/20173/17/2017DRRR-2017-01606
Hospital Blue Wrap3/17/20173/3/2010IWMB-2009-0004
The Red Palm Weevil (Poster/Color)3/13/20173/13/2017DRRR-2017-01605
Recicilar en Escuela (Recycling at School) 2/21/20172/21/2017DRRR-2017-01604
Recycling at School2/21/20172/21/2017DRRR-2017-01603
Reciclaje en la oficina (Recycling at the Office)2/21/20172/21/2017DRRR-2017-01602
Recycling at the Office2/21/20172/21/2017DRRR-2017-01601
Pon la basura de tu gimnasio en un programa de pérdida de peso. (Put Your Gym's Garbage on a Weight Loss Program)2/21/20172/21/2017DRRR-2017-01600
Put Your Gym's Garbage on a Weight Loss Program2/21/20172/21/2017DRRR-2017-01599
Quarterly Report on the Status of the Beverage Container Recycling Fund (FY 2016-2017) First Quarter2/14/20172/14/2017DRRR-2017-01598
Calendar Year 2015 Report of Beverage Container Sales, Returns, Redemption, and Recycling Rates2/14/20175/9/2016DRRR-2016-01561
Registration Requirements Fact Sheet for Curbside Programs2/1/20171/2/2010DRRR-2017-01597
Your Responsibility as a Registered Curbside Operator2/1/20171/2/2010DRRR-2017-01596
WRAP Talk 20001/27/20173/13/2000xxx-2000-01595
TDA Slide Repair Survey Monitoring Report: Marina Drive, Geysers Road, Sonoma Mountain Road, and Palomino Road Repair Projects1/20/20177/16/2015DRRR-2015-01535
Connecting Communities to CalRecycle (C3) 2016 Second Edition12/19/20169/23/2016DRRR-2016-01579
Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery -- CalRecycle12/8/20161/1/2010DRRR-2014-01594
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