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About this Publication: Second Assessment of California's Compost- and Mulch-Producing Infrastructure

Title: Second Assessment of California's Compost- and Mulch-Producing Infrastructure
Date Published on the Web: 6/15/2004
Document Date: 5/1/2004
Document Last Revision Date:
Publication Type: Report
Publication Number: 442-2004-0007
Description: This California Integrated Waste Management Board study presents the results of the second statewide survey of California compost and mulch producers. This study builds upon the baseline infrastructure information developed in the previous survey and also investigates new areas, as listed below. This study provides definitive information and data on compost and mulch producers in California, feedstock sources, products, and markets for compost and mulch. Survey also provides data on green waste alternative daily cover (ADC) use and gauges attitudes about Sudden Oak Death Syndrome (SODS), the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s Proposed Rule (PR) 1133, the persistent herbicide Clopyralid, and other pressing issues facing California's organics diversion industry.
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