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Publication NumberTitlePublished On the WebDocument Date
DRRR-2015-01548Important Information for Store Owners about California's Bottle & Can Recycling Law11/10/201511/10/2015
DRRR-2013-01478California Beverage Container Recycling & Litter Reduction Act12/2/201412/2/2014
DRRR-2014-01496Establishing Best Management Practices for Recycled Tire Rubber Playground Surfaces to Comply with New ADA Accessible Design Requirements6/25/201410/15/2013
DRRR-2013-01455California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 14. Natural Resources, Division 2. Department of Conservation, Chapter 5. Division of Recycling3/28/20134/1/2013
DRRR-2012-0006Report to the Legislature: Effect of Ending the Bi-Monthly Redemption Fee Payment on the Beverage Container Recycling Fund3/16/20123/1/2012
DRRR-2010-00112009-10 Legislative Summary12/6/201012/6/2010
IWMB-2009-0005Statutes Effective January 20092/26/20092/26/2009
450-2007-0001California Electronic Waste Recycling Act: Analysis of 2005 Net Cost Reports6/18/20073/1/2007
540-2007-0001Statutes Effective January 20071/23/20071/1/2007
623-2006-0010Waste Tire Hauler Program NEWS-LINE, Summer 2006 Edition7/17/20067/1/2006
540-2005-00122005 Summary of State Legislation12/20/200512/1/2005
342-2005-0007infoCycling Special Edition on Revised Disposal Reporting System Regulations12/1/200512/1/2005
540-2005-00022003-2004 Summary of State Legislation2/16/20052/1/2005
540-2005-0001Statutes Effective January 20052/16/20051/1/2005
540-2004-00012003 Summary of State Legislation1/27/20041/1/2004
540-2003-0001Statutes Effective January 20034/2/20033/1/2003
540-2002-00052001-2002 Summary of State Legislation1/24/200312/1/2002
540-2002-00012001 Summary of State Legislation9/25/20025/1/2002
520-2002-0002Landfill Facility Compliance Study: Checklist of Pertinent Environmental Regulatory Requirements4/11/20024/1/2002
231-2002-0001LEA Advisory #58: Methodology for Determining Compliance with the "Three-Part Test" of Transfer/Processing Facilities and Operations Regulations2/25/20022/1/2002
540-2001-0004Statutes Effective January 20015/1/20015/1/2001
520-2001-0001Duplication and Overlap in Recycling Programs of the Integrated Waste Management Board and the Department of Conservation: Report to the Legislature March 20013/30/20013/1/2001
540-2001-00021999-2000 Summary of State Legislation3/15/20013/1/2001
540-1999-00081999 Summary of State and Federal Legislation12/1/199911/1/1999
540-1998-00111997-1998 Summary of State and Federal Legislation1/7/19991/1/1999
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