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Publication NumberTitlePublished On the WebDocument Date
DRRR-2013-01454Report to the Legislature: Five-Year Plan for the Waste Tire Recycling Management Program (Seventh Edition Covering FY 2013/14-2017/18)12/26/20137/1/2013
DRRR-2010-0010Waste Tire Market Development Program Evaluation Project: Working Paper #1: Market Penetration Report11/23/201011/23/2010
422-1996-0052Compost Demonstration Project, Tulare County: Green Material Compost in Field Crop Production4/15/19971/1/2009
530-2008-0001General Attitude and Behavior Survey Baseline Findings1/24/200811/1/2007
620-2008-0001California Waste Tire Generation, Markets, and Disposal: 2006 Staff Report6/19/20081/1/2006
611-2005-0009Encouraging Re-Refined Oil's Use at the Quick Lube: Re-Refined Oil Outreach10/11/200510/1/2005
412-2003-0021The U.S. EPA 1998 Jobs Through Recycling Case Study9/26/20039/1/2003
412-2003-0022Benefits of Regional Recycling Markets: An Alameda County Study9/26/20039/1/2003
433-2003-0010Recycled Paper Products--Life Wouldn't be the Same Without Them4/8/20034/1/2003
442-2002-0008Compost Demonstration Project, Sacramento, California: Using High-Carbon Wood Ash to Control Odor at a Green Materials Composting Facility4/30/20024/1/2002
442-2002-0006Meeting the Agricultural Challenge3/13/20023/1/2002
442-2001-0020Assessment of California's Compost- and Mulch-Producing Infrastructure7/5/20016/1/2001
442-2001-0019Status of Cost-Shifting Strategies for the Biomass Industry: A Report to the Legislature Prepared for Cal/EPA by the Integrated Waste Management Board1/28/20024/1/2001
412-2000-0016Cut Costs and Increase Profits With California's Recycling Market Development Zones8/5/200312/1/2000
411-1999-0013Recycling Market Development Revolving Loan Program1/20/20009/1/1999
540-1999-0006California Waste Tire Program Evaluation and Recommendations: Final Report11/15/19996/1/1999
422-1997-0029Results of Northern California Compost Demonstrations7/19/19996/1/1999
431-1998-0019Feasibility Study on the Expanded Use of Agricultural and Forest Waste in Commercial Products1/19/19991/1/1999
520-1997-0007Commonly Asked Questions (and Answers) About California`s Environmental Marketing Claims Law5/27/19978/1/1998
421-1998-0010Marketing Guide: Recovered Paper1/28/19981/1/1998
421-1998-0011Recovered Paper Market Update: December 19971/28/19981/1/1998
422-1996-0048Compost Demonstration Project on Use of Yard Trimmings Products: Agriculture in Partnership with San Jose5/29/19974/1/1997
422-1996-0050Compost Demonstration Project, Monterey Bay Region: Demonstrating New Opportunities for Growers4/15/19973/1/1997
422-1996-0051Compost Demonstration Project, Fresno County: A Comparative Analysis of Soil Amendments Used in Peach Production4/15/19973/1/1997
421-1997-0008Quarterly Report on California`s Recycling Markets: Fourth Quarter 19963/11/19972/1/1997
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