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Publication NumberTitlePublished On the WebDocument Date
DRRR-2016-01584El Psilido Asiatico de los Citricos (The Asian Citrus Psyllid) (color)9/30/20169/30/2016
DRRR-2016-01583El Psilido Asiatico de los Citricos (The Asian Citrus Psyllid) (B/W)9/30/20169/30/2016
DRRR-2016-01582El Barrenador de Orificio del Disparo Polifago (The Polyphagous Shot-Hole Borer) (color)9/30/20169/30/2016
DRRR-2016-01581El Barrenador de Orificio del Disparo Polifago (The Polyphagous Shot-Hole Borer) (B/W)9/30/20169/30/2016
DRRR-2016-01578The Polyphagous Shot-Hole Borer (B/W)9/13/20169/13/2016
DRRR-2016-01577The Polyphagous Shot-Hole Borer (color)9/13/20169/13/2016
DRRR-2016-01576The Asian Citrus Psyllid (B/W)9/13/20169/13/2016
DRRR-2016-01575The Asian Citrus Psyllid (color)9/13/20169/13/2016
DRRR-2016-01563FAQs for Schools and Other Small-Scale Food Composters5/19/20165/19/2016
DRRR-2016-01549Los comercios y los complejos multifamiliares de California pronto deberan reciclar sus residuos organicos2/18/20162/18/2016
443-1999-0005Vineyards Benefit From Compost and Mulch10/1/20154/1/2002
DRRR-2015-01527California Businesses and Multifamily Complexes Will Soon Be Required to Recycle Their Organic Waste5/8/20155/8/2015
IWMB-2008-0011Current Anaerobic Digestion Technologies Used for Treatment of Municipal Organic Solid Waste6/12/20143/1/2008
DRRR-2013-01463AB 341’s 75 Percent Goal and Potential New Recycling Jobs in California by 20208/8/2013 
DRRR-2012-01438Market Research into the Use of Organic Soil Amendments by Agriculture in California10/2/20128/9/1993
500-1994-0048Composting: Nature's Way to Recycle (Fact Sheet)5/22/201211/1/1994
DRRR-2012-0015Co-Management of Municipal Solid Waste and Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludges Using an Anaerobic Composting Process5/3/20123/1/1994
DRRR-2011-0036Guidance Document for CEQA Review of Municipal Organic Waste Anaerobic Digester Facilities in California9/15/20119/15/2011
DRRR-2011-0023Developing a Statewide Program EIR for CalRecycle's Anaerobic Digestion Initiative7/21/20117/21/2011
DRRR-2011-0013Impact of Compost Application on Soil Erosion and Water Quality5/13/20115/13/2011
DRRR-2011-0006An Investigation of the Potential for Ground-Level Ozone Formation Resulting from Compost Facility Emissions2/22/20112/22/2011
DRRR-2011-0004Biocovers at Landfills for Methane Emissions Reduction Demonstration2/1/20111/1/2011
DRRR-2010-0007Third Assessment of California's Compost- and Mulch-Producing Infrastructure--Management Practices and Market Conditions8/26/20108/26/2010
DRRR-2010-0004Integration of Rotary Drum Reactor and Anaerobic Digestion Technologies for Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste6/29/20106/29/2010
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