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Publication NumberTitlePublished On the WebDocument Date
DRRR-2014-01502Renewable Bioplastics and Biocomposites From Biogas Methane and Waste-Derived Feedstock: Development of Enabling Technology, Life Cycle Assessment, and Analysis of Costs8/27/20148/27/2014
DRRR-2014-01498Biobased and Degradable Plastics: Understanding New Packaging Materials and Their Management in California8/7/20148/7/2014
DRRR-2013-01469Bioplastics in California: Economic Assessment of Market Conditions for PHA/PHB Bioplastics Produced from Waste Methane2/3/20149/30/2013
DRRR-2013-01464The Bioplastics Sorting Project8/8/20137/15/2013
DRRR-2012-01435PLA and PHA Biodegradation in the Marine Environment12/12/20123/5/2012
DRRR-2012-01436Biodegradable Bottle Development and Testing: Evaluation of the Manufacturing Process and Performance Properties for Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) Materials12/11/20123/1/2012
DRRR-2011-0003Characterization Study to Determine the Plastic Carryout Bag Co-Mingled Recycling Rates4/4/20114/4/2011
DRRR-2014-01487Life Cycle Assessment of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Beverage Bottles Consumed in the State of California3/20/20142/14/2011
IWMB-2009-0004Hospital Blue Wrap3/17/20173/3/2010
IWMB-2009-0001Compostable Plastics Fact Sheet1/14/20091/14/2009
IWMB-2008-0019Postcosumer Agricultural Plastic Report10/24/200810/24/2008
432-2008-0001Performance Evaluation of Environmentally Degradable Plastic Packaging and Disposable Service Ware2/25/20086/1/2007
432-2007-0003Evaluation of the Performance of Rigid Plastic Packaging Containers, Bags, and Food Service Packaging in Full-Scale Commercial Composting4/30/20074/1/2007
431-2006-0016Health Concerns and Environmental Issues with PVC-Containing Building Materials in Green Buildings: Review of Current Practices and Trends in the Use, Recycling, and Disposal of PVC-Containing Building Materials10/18/200610/1/2006
432-2005-0003Postconsumer Resin Quality Assurance and Testing Protocol4/13/20053/1/2005
432-2005-0002Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About California’s Rigid Plastic Packaging Container (RPPC) Law--Changes for 20051/21/20051/1/2005
432-2004-0003Use and Disposal of Polystyrene in California: A Report to the California Legislature2/14/200512/1/2004
432-2003-0008Plastics White Paper: Optimizing Plastics Use, Recycling, and Disposal in California3/3/20045/1/2003
431-1997-0011Recycled Plastic Lumber: Resource List3/11/19977/1/1999
431-1997-0009Why Use Recycled Plastic Lumber?3/11/19973/1/1997
431-1997-0010Recycled Plastic Lumber: Research and Development3/11/19973/1/1997
421-1996-0066Market Status Report: Postconsumer Plastics12/3/199610/1/1996
DRRR-2011-0042Rigid Plastic Packaging Container Recycling Rate Report12/22/20116/1/1993
400-1994-0004Rigid Plastics: Conceptual Plan to Implement the Rigid Plastics Packaging Container Act3/1/19933/1/1993
DRRR-2013-01486Experimental Comparison of Chemical Migration from Petrochemical Plastic and Bioplastic Bottles into Drinking Water5/22/2014 
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