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Publication NumberTitlePublished On the WebDocument Date
DRRR-2016-01555California's Mattress Stewardship Program7/1/20161/7/2016
DRRR-2015-01552California's Architectural Paint Recovery Program7/1/201612/14/2015
DRRR-2015-01553California's Carpet Stewardship Program7/1/201612/14/2015
DRRR-2010-0013Framework for Evaluating End-of-Life Product Management Systems in California12/30/201012/20/2010
DRRR-2010-00012009 Guide to Net Cost Reporting2/25/20102/25/2010
620-2007-0004Five-Year Plan for the Waste Tire Recycling Management Program: Fiscal Years 07/08--11/126/22/20077/1/2007
620-2007-0003Integrated Waste Management Board Waste Tire Enforcement Program Report to the Legislature3/1/20073/1/2007
611-2001-0002Oil Does Not Wear Out...It Just Gets Dirty! The Facts About Re-Refined Oil1/7/20057/1/2003
620-2002-0006An Analysis of Subsidies and Other Options to Expand the Productive End Use of Scrap Tires in California12/12/200211/1/2002
620-2001-0004Five-Year Plan for the Waste Tire Recycling Management Program: Fiscal Years 01/02--05/0612/26/20019/1/2001
620-2001-0006Waste Tire Management Program: 2000 Annual Report8/2/20017/1/2001
500-1994-0022Appliance Recycling Guide11/8/19956/1/1998
232-1997-0013LEA Advisory #42: LEA Asbestos-Containing Waste Program Authorization8/27/19977/1/1997
DRRR-2012-0016Ash Quantification and Characterization Study -- Co-Firing and Dedicated Combustion of Waste Tires5/10/20121/1/1995
500-1994-0016Medical Waste Issues Study6/1/19946/1/1994
200-1994-0004LEA Advisory #11: Metallic Discards Management3/1/19943/1/1994
500-1993-0001Metallic Discards Management Plan (with Appendices)8/1/19938/1/1993
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