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Publication NumberTitlePublished On the WebDocument Date
DRRR-2015-015462014 Disposal-Facility-Based Characterization of Solid Waste in California11/4/201510/6/2015
DRRR-2015-015432014 Generator-Based Characterization of Commercial Sector Disposal and Diversion in California11/19/20159/18/2015
DRRR-2012-01434Residential and Commercial Carpet Case Study: The Potential Impacts of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in California on Global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions11/27/20125/15/2012
530-1998-0003Top 10 Tips to Cut Your Trash Down to Size9/25/20147/1/2011
DRRR-2011-0012Report to the Legislature: Large Venue and Event Waste Reduction, Recycling, and Composting Programs4/7/20114/7/2011
DRRR-2010-0013Framework for Evaluating End-of-Life Product Management Systems in California12/30/201012/20/2010
DRRR-2010-0012STAND FOR LESS--End of Year Report12/17/201012/17/2010
IWMB-2009-0002Manufacturer Responsibility: Report to the Legislature1/29/20091/29/2009
441-2007-0008WRAP Talk 20079/10/20077/1/2007
432-2008-0001Performance Evaluation of Environmentally Degradable Plastic Packaging and Disposable Service Ware2/25/20086/1/2007
441-2005-0012Waste Prevention and Recycling Posters and Stickers10/2/200610/1/2006
443-2002-0019Folsom State Prison: Food Scraps and Green Material8/9/20026/1/2006
433-2001-0016Take the Next Step: Buy Recycled--A Guide to Buying Recycled-Content Products7/30/20035/1/2006
441-2006-0002WRAP Talk 20064/7/20063/1/2006
310-2005-0005Waste Reduction Tips for Large Venues and Events2/2/20061/1/2006
442-1995-0017Business Waste Reduction Assistance Programs3/2/200410/5/2005
443-2000-0009SustainableTurf Management3/28/20053/1/2005
443-2000-0011Sustainable Landscaping3/28/20053/1/2005
441-2005-0006WRAP Talk 20053/25/20053/1/2005
441-2004-0001WRAP Talk 20043/29/20043/1/2004
500-1994-0036Motivating Employees to Change Old Habits1/22/20041/1/2004
115-2003-0001Integrated Waste Management Board’s Waste Reduction Programs12/24/200312/1/2003
433-2003-0016Truckee Middle School: A CHPS High Performance Demonstration School8/4/20038/1/2003
400-1994-0012California's Waste Tire Challenge4/8/20034/1/2003
433-2001-0017Have You Gotten Recharged Lately4/4/20033/1/2003
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