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Publication NumberTitlePublished On the WebDocument Date
DRRR-2017-01612State of Disposal and Recycling in California 2017 Update8/15/20178/15/2017
DRRR-2016-01556State of Disposal in California Updated 20162/9/20162/9/2016
DRRR-2015-01524State of Disposal in California3/20/20153/20/2015
DRRR-2015-01520Landfill Tipping Fees in California2/24/20152/24/2015
213-2007-0002Inspection Guidance for State Minimum Standards at Closed, Illegal and Abandoned (CIA) Disposal Sites1/11/200812/1/2007
442-2005-0016New and Emerging Conversion Technologies: Report to the Legislature5/12/20086/1/2007
341-2006-0010Method of Visual Characterization of Disposed Waste from Construction and Demolition Activities10/25/200610/1/2006
341-2006-0003Targeted Statewide Waste Characterization Study: Detailed Characterization of Commercial Self-Haul and Drop-Box Waste6/14/20066/1/2006
341-2006-0005Targeted Statewide Waste Characterization Study: Characterization and Quantification of Residuals from Materials Recovery Facilities6/14/20066/1/2006
341-2006-0006Targeted Statewide Waste Characterization Study: Waste Disposal and Diversion Findings for Selected Industry Groups6/1/20066/1/2006
341-2006-0007Targeted Statewide Waste Characterization Study: Detailed Characterization of Construction and Demolition Waste6/14/20066/1/2006
620-2006-0004Technology Evaluation and Economic Analysis of Waste Tire Pyrolysis, Gasification, and Liquefaction3/23/20063/1/2006
620-2008-0001California Waste Tire Generation, Markets, and Disposal: 2006 Staff Report6/19/20081/1/2006
442-2005-0014Yosemite Closing the Loop Project9/1/20058/1/2005
520-2002-0002Landfill Facility Compliance Study: Checklist of Pertinent Environmental Regulatory Requirements4/11/20024/1/2002
442-2001-0019Status of Cost-Shifting Strategies for the Biomass Industry: A Report to the Legislature Prepared for Cal/EPA by the Integrated Waste Management Board1/28/20024/1/2001
251-1997-0004Transformation Facilities1/24/20001/1/2000
540-1999-0006California Waste Tire Program Evaluation and Recommendations: Final Report11/15/19996/1/1999
520-1997-0006Railhaul Status Report11/23/199811/1/1998
310-1997-0006Integrated Waste Management Disaster Plan7/15/19971/1/1997
232-1996-0011LEA Advisory #34: Vinyl Mini-Blind Disposal1/13/199712/1/1996
323-1996-0003Beyond 2000: The Continuing Need for Landfills11/25/19965/1/1996
432-1996-0029Effects of Waste Tires, Waste Tire Facilities, and Waste Tire Projects on the Environment4/3/20124/1/1996
232-1995-0022LEA Advisory #29: Management of Empty Pesticide Bags10/1/199510/1/1995
200-1994-0011LEA Advisory #17: Nuisance Dumping9/1/19949/1/1994
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