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Publication NumberTitlePublished On the WebDocument Date
410-2004-0002Recycling: Good for the Environment, Good for the Economy11/17/200511/1/2005
412-2003-0021The U.S. EPA 1998 Jobs Through Recycling Case Study9/26/20039/1/2003
412-2003-0022Benefits of Regional Recycling Markets: An Alameda County Study9/26/20039/1/2003
410-2003-0013Is Recycling Good for California's Economy?2/24/20047/1/2003
570-2003-0002Diversion is Good for the Economy: Highlights from Two Independent Studies on the Economic Impacts of Diversion in California4/15/20033/1/2003
442-2001-0019Status of Cost-Shifting Strategies for the Biomass Industry: A Report to the Legislature Prepared for Cal/EPA by the Integrated Waste Management Board1/28/20024/1/2001
412-2000-0016Cut Costs and Increase Profits With California's Recycling Market Development Zones8/5/200312/1/2000
411-1999-0013Recycling Market Development Revolving Loan Program1/20/20009/1/1999
123-1998-00011997 Tipping Fees at California Solid Waste Disposal Facilities2/11/199812/1/1997
441-1997-0022Determining Savings from Paper Waste Reduction Programs8/5/19976/1/1997
520-1996-0009Facility Cost Model, Version 39/30/19969/1/1996
520-1996-0002Curbside Collection Cost Model, Version 21/19/20124/1/1996
411-1995-0043Recycling Market Development Zone Loan Program Evaluation Report10/18/19955/1/1995
321-1995-0005College and University Waste Reduction and Recycled Product Procurement Activities, Barriers, and Assistance Strategies (Status Report)1/31/20122/1/1995
DRRR-2012-0014Final Report: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Six Market Development Policy Options5/3/20127/1/1993
503-1993-0002California`s Incentives for the Production of Virgin and Secondary Materials5/29/20125/1/1993
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