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Glenn County

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Glenn County, located in the Sacramento Valley approximately 90 miles north of the City of Sacramento, encompasses 843,000 acres. The Glenn County Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) includes all of Glenn County and its two incorporated cities: Orland and Willows. The county population was 26,800 in 2000. Agriculture is the main segment of Glenn County’s economy.


Glenn County offers services such as management and technical assistance, a public financing network, assistance in locating necessary feedstock, project development, and expedited permit processing. Glenn County is free from many fees and taxes that impede development in other areas, such as local utility taxes.

Target Materials

Materials targeted within the Glenn County RMDZ include paper, glass, plastic, metals, and tires. The zone’s main objective is to attract small businesses that manufacture molded pulp packaging and dry-process paper products, high-value pressed or blown glass, mixed plastics, molded or extruded rubber products, and compost.


The area is served by Interstate 5, which runs the entire length of the county. Highway 32 connects Interstate 5 with the Chico urban area and Highway 99. The Southern Pacific Railroad runs north and south through the county. The county is also served by Willows Glenn County and Orland Haigh Field Airports.


The goal of this Recycling Market Development Zone is to increase recycling in rural Northern California, and to create jobs in an area of chronic unemployment. Job training programs are accessible through the Glenn County Job Training Office and the Glenn County Schools Regional Occupational Program.


Glenn County RMDZ
Mohammad Qureshi
Public Works Director
PO Box 1070
Willows, CA 95988
Phone: (530) 934-6530

CalRecycle contact for this RMDZ:
Zone Liaison: Willie Carpenter


PlaceType of PlaceIn Zone
Glenn CountyUnincorporated CountyInside Zone
OrlandIncorporated CityInside Zone
WillowsIncorporated CityInside Zone
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