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San Joaquin County

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The San Joaquin County Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) includes all of the unincorporated areas of the county and the incorporated cities of Stockton, Manteca, Lodi, Tracy, Lathrop, Ripon, and Escalon. The county is strategically located in the heart of northern California’s dynamic growth corridor. The circulation system of San Joaquin County offers a full range of transportation facilities, including three transcontinental systems over 100 regularly scheduled contract truck lines, a major deep water port, a metropolitan airport, two major state highways, and three interstate highways.


Local incentives include accelerated permit processing and possible waiver/deferral of planning and development related fees, preparation of data such as retail market studies, Industrial Development Bonds, a fast track permitting process, one-stop permitting, possible deferment of sewer connection charges for us to a five year period, Enterprise Zone incentives, local Revolving Loan Fund and other state and federal loan financing.

Target Materials

Although San Joaquin County has a wide variety of recyclable materials with manufacturing potential, five types of feedstock are targeted for special emphasis. Glass, paper, plastics, yard waste, and metal are identified priorities for manufacturing development.


In San Joaquin County there are five Class III sanitary landfills, one Class II sanitary landfill, three transfer stations, and one planned transfer station. The California Waste Removal Systems materials recovery facility (MRF) provides residential refuse collection services for the northern areas of the county. The MRF has a tipping area of 15,000 square feet and is capable of receiving 2000 tons per day. The Tracy MRF is available as of April 1995. The Gilton Solid Waste Management MRF provides franchised residential refuse collection service in the central county area. State Highways 99 and 4, and Interstate 5, 205, and 580 connect the county both east-west and north-south, providing excellent access and same-day delivery service to major California urban markets. Three international airports, the Sacramento Metro Airport and San Francisco Bay Area Airports are within easy driving distance. Stockton Metropolitan Airport provides excellent commuter flight connections and accommodates large jet transport. Three interstate railroads, the Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, and Santa Fe, provide excellent transportation for both passengers and freight. The Port of Stockton, a major link to San Francisco, serves ocean-going vessels from around the world through the 37-foot-deep Stockton Channel.


San Joaquin County RMDZ
Frank Ferral
Program & Public Policy Director
County:San Joaquin
445 W. Weber Avene, #220
Stockton, CA 95203-3151
Phone: (209) 292-8428
FAX: (209) 466-5271

CalRecycle contact for this RMDZ:
Zone Liaison: Tracy Webb


PlaceType of PlaceIn Zone
San Joaquin CountyUnincorporated CountyInside Zone
StocktonIncorporated CityInside Zone
TracyIncorporated CityInside Zone
EscalonIncorporated CityInside Zone
LathropIncorporated CityInside Zone
LodiIncorporated CityInside Zone
MantecaIncorporated CityInside Zone
RiponIncorporated CityInside Zone
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